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2023 Poker Run

The 2023 Justen Caris Memorial Poker Run was yet again a record-breaking event! We are overwhelmed by the support year after year! Raising awareness for PTSD and supporting veteran-centered organizations is what the Justen Caris Memorial Foundation is all about!

We are so excited to share that $15,000 is being donated directly to Little Blessings Veteran and Community Outreach! At Little Blessings, they believe that Veterans returning from service benefit from targeted assistance. They help Veterans and their families transition successfully to civilian life utilizing the healing power of equine-assisted services, wellness programs and community integration.

The additional $3,135 was directed to the Justen Caris Memorial Foundation and will be used to support Veterans & Veteran Organizations in various capacities throughout the year as needs arise.

We hope our thank you’s are felt and heard, both far and wide. This wouldn’t be possible without everyone who sponsored, donated, participated, volunteered and sent positive thoughts our way! It is wonderful to have the support of such a large community and we look forward to continuing this mission together!

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