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If you're going to send the boy to war, you better be prepared to support the man when he comes home

Justen and his daughter
Justen while deployed
Justen while deployed
Justen before being deployed for the first time


Justen was a combat engineer in the Marines that served on two combat tours in Afghanistan. After an honorable discharge in 2013 Justen struggled with PTSD and transitioning to civilian life. In September 2016 he took his own life, leaving behind a loving family and then six year old daughter. The Justen Caris Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) established in 2022 with the goal being to bring meaning from his passing by raising awareness of PTSD and mental health with Veterans. In addition to raising awareness, we raise money for local PTSD and veteran centered organizations.

The Most Dangerous Part of War shares Justen's story through the perspective of his family and fellow marines. The film highlights that veterans of the war in Afghanistan are dying at a higher rate at home by suicide than they did in combat. Justen's struggle with PTSD and finding effective treatment is too common among veterans. This is why we created this foundation, to help veterans and their families while reminding them they are not alone.

The Caris Family with Jamie Paxton from Little Blessings Veteran and Community Outreach at the 2023 poker run
This April The Justen Caris Memorial Foundation donated a freezer to Angels in Arms
We are excited to share that Justen Caris Memorial Foundation has been chosen as an Osh Kosh Excellence Award Charity through the Osh Kosh Foundation Grant Program.  We would like to thank Osh Kosh Corp for their generous gift of $3500 to our Foundation.  We also want to recognize and thank Paula Roehrick for nominating our Foundation.
Thank you to Til Valhalla Project for sending us this gift. Their mission by providing memorial plaques of fallen hero’s is to remind families their loved one will never be forgotten and their service and sacrifice won’t go unnoticed. In addition to providing families with these memorial gifts, the Til Valhalla Project has donated millions to reducing veteran suicide. We appreciate their efforts and appreciate them including Justen on their Wall of Heroes.

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